smallest bar in key west webThe Smallest Bar in Key West
Oil on Canvas

I sold a couple paintings two weeks ago. The cash came in handy during a two month respite from the daily ordeal of gainful employment. Working night-shift for two and a half years finally took its toll – on my mental health and my physical health. I had an upper respiratory issue for well over eight months that is only now receding.

I used the money wisely – replenishing the liquor cabinet with a bottle of Jameson and a bottle of Evan Williams.  I tend to prefer darker liquors. I also used the proceeds to frame four of my paintings that had been sitting naked in the corner of the studio.

The Smallest Bar in Key West is on Duval Street – in what used to be a garage. It comfortably fits about eight inebriates – and uncomfortably accommodates maybe 15 or 20. It is a little bar that forces interaction between the patrons, and when you are partying in Key West, you want interaction.

Hula hoops are offered to the daring, or to the too drunk to care, and contests are held on the sidewalk. There is no jukebox, entertainment is provided by people watching.

Sure, this is not Captain Tony’s. or the Green Parrot – two of my favorite haunts in Key West – this is a party stop. It should never be your first bar, you need to be fairly inebriated to truly appreciate the non-ambience. It is a freaking garage, folks! The sole purpose, other than to fill your to-go cup, is to mingle and associate with people you might otherwise never meet. Language barriers become hilarious after a few drinks under your belt.

I can’t live in Key West; I am not rich enough. That might be divine providence; my liver could never survive.


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