Freak hailstorm in Apache Junction

The afternoon was overcast, with on and off drizzle. I was throwing a load of laundry into the wash when it hit without warning – a freak hailstorm. The hail was coming horizontally, with Monsoon force gusts. The hail, some the size of marbles, tore holes through the blinds on the patio. The backyard soon turned into a small lake. It lasted all of fifteen minutes, and now the sun is out and the sky is turning blue.

Five minutes away at the Superstition Museum, Liz told me they were getting rain.

On another note, I am patiently awaiting the UPS guy. Last week I ordered a window for the shed from Home Depot. Buy online, ship to home for free. I was looking for jalousie windows, but they are really expensive new. Apache Sales, our local salvage yard for all things building material related, didn’t have any in the yard. I purchased a new Ryobi 18V reciprocating saw to compliment my cordless Ryobi tools; it will come in handy when installing the window. I had planned on installing the window this afternoon if it arrived earlier. I guess it will have to wait for the weekend.

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