Ray's Happy Birthday Bar in South Philly

The American Bar Series

Mostly oil on canvas, the paintings in this gallery have for the most part been reproduced in one of my two books (Bar Exam, and Bar Exam, too).



Desert Detritus Clocks

All hand-crafted clocks, created from found objects from the Sonoran Desert. Scavenged wood, Cholla roots and bleached wood discovered in the washes after Monsoon, old tin cans and automobile parts long abandoned repurposed into useful objects, after all, does anybody really know what time it is?





On the Petroglyph Trail The East Valley

I live in the Sonoran Desert, in the area referred locally as the East Valley. I have only a few completed desert-scapes – my very liberal interpretation of the desert landscape south and east of Phoenix, AZ.


Lady in Red

Lost and Found

In Philadelphia there is a group of artists that call themselves the Dumpster Divers. They reclaim and re-purpose garbage into art and often into functional objects such as lamps and chandeliers.

While closely acquainted with some of that group, I was never officially a member of DD – however, here is my unique vision as seen through someone else’s trash.


Mosaic Panel - Geometric


Large-scale mosaic installations, and some smaller projects.

Liz Nicklus and I are Independent Artist Studios. As a team, we teach mosaic workshops and design and implement large-scale one-of-a-kind installations.

We have published a book that explains our techniques and gives step-by-step guidelines and tips for those aspiring to create large mosaic projects.




The Bay Shore

Paintings and unexpected scenes from New Jersey. I lived in a county in New Jersey that most people in NJ didn’t know existed. People from North Jersey thought the state ended at the Pine Barrens and only knew peripherally that Cape May and Wildwood still existed.

I lived south and west of the Pine Barrens, in a county that nestled next to the Delaware Bay.

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