Gila County live-forever

Gila County live-forever
(Dudleya collomiae)

I have many thanks to my botanist friend who has kindly offered me more accurate information on my wildflower images.

He has provided scientific names for the flora that he has been able to identify, whereas I had too often only used the local nicknames. In some cases I had totally misidentified said wildflower.

This succulent flower is actually a native plant, unique to this area of Arizona. While it is named for Gila County, this plant was located in Pinal County, which borders Gila. It was found in the Tonto National Forest, and large parts of Tonto are located in Gila County.

The leaves do resemble aloe, but the plants are distant cousins at best. From his email to me:

A quicker identification on the succulent plant. It is Gila County live-forever (Dudleya collomiae; sometimes also known as Dudleya saxosa subspecies collomiae) in the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae). It is not common, being endemic to Arizona. Species in the stonecrop family are not related to aloes but they can sometimes certainly resemble aloes, especially the leaves.
  A nice sidebar here is the life of Rose E. Collom (1870-1956), the botanist for whom the species honors. Rose Collom’s original specimen of the species is at the Smithsonian and can be viewed here ( The genus name honors William Russel Dudley (1849-1911), botanist who taught at Cornell Univ., Univ. of Indiana, and Stanford Univ. (see

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