GoGroove Bluesync MC

GoGroove Bluesync MCI am always looking for a bargain. I love music. When I can get a bargain that has to do with music, I am ecstatic!

I dont pay attention to most internet advertizing, and dispose of all spam immediately. However, I do read tech reviews, peruse the blogs, read computer and tech magazines – I love Zinio, especially with my subscriptions via the local Apache Junction Public library which pipes over a hundred magazine titles courtesy of my membership.

I cannot even remember where I read about GoGroove and their limited offer for a bluetooth speaker for only $19.99.  That included shipping!  Well, shit, that was a no-brainer. The reviewer gave it good reviews – not perfect, but then look at the price.

I did some research on Amazon.com – the unit lists at $80, sells for around $40. It has a real wood cabinet, measures about 4″ x 4″ x 12″ – more or less. It has two speakers, and a port inthe back for bass. I read all the user reviews – the 1-star reviews were from people comparing it to a $1,000 Bose, apparently. If I wanted a $1,000 Bose I would get a real job, and take out a second mortgage on the house.

The other complaint is that it was not battery powered, it has to be plugged in. If you want a decent batery powered portable speaker unit, you downsize a bit and go for the Canz 808 or such. I have one of those, too.

I wanted a speaker that would provide sound for the studio and my patio.  Both have ample sources of electric. I took the bait – and had it delivered to my front doorstep within four days.  Now, that is service!

Okay – the downsides. You have to have an electrical outlet to operate it. That is plainly stated in the specs, and c’mon, now, you are a moron if you expect hundreds of dollars of technology for $20.  It will not flood your back yard with sound. Again, if you want a Marshall stack, buy one!

The upside is that the two speakers provide a reasonable facsimile of stereo sound.  The wood case provides a warmth you cannot get from aluminum or plastic cabinets. The ported back gives adequate bass unless you are looking for the sound quality of gangsta rap. This is the perfect speaker for a patio or room, providing more than enough volume without causing your neighbors to register complaints with the local PD. It is a bargain at $19.99, but it is still a deal at twice that price, now thatthe special limited-time offer is over. Oh, and I have not been paid or recompensed in any many for my opinions – if only I could figure out a way…

Today is my Friday night – worked all night and am now relaxing. I bought a half-keg of Dos Equis Lager for the kegerator. The Cult is playing over my new speaker, and life is good. The blossoms on the Saguaros ar red, the birds are feasting. It is quite a bit early for the Saguaros to be in bloom, early spring and hot summer with little precipitation. This might be a premonition of a hearty monsoon season.  I hope so, the desert needs the rain. I bought new wipers for my truck in anticipation.

Did you know it is alost next to impossible to buy wiper balde refills anymore? I guess the majority of the public is too stupid to figure out how to replace the refill wiper blades… or possibly there is much more money to be made in selling the entire wipers. Am I cynical?

Well, it is the weekend.  I plan to get some sleep this afternoon, and get into some semblance of a normal schedule for the next day and a half, before I go back to work. There are scattered clouds in the sky – I even hear rumors that there has been rain in some parts of the East Valley. But the clouds and a comfortable breeze have cooled things down to the low 100’s – so I am enjoying it as much as I can.

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