H. Chapin antique wood planes

UNION FACTORY WARRANTED H. CHAPINLast night was another exciting night at the auction, although it is becoming apparent that the Snowbirds are returning to the valley and I doubt there will be many more fruitful evenings as buyers. As the birds return, they begin bidding everything up in price until it is not worthwhile.


But until there is standing room only we will give it our best shot.  Last night we picked up a Model A Ford rim – there were three that sold for $10 each. It will make a nice addition to our garden.

I picked up a Guinness bar clock for $5, which will eventually go up on the outside bar that I am planning to build.

But the high point was my last purchase of the night, as we were getting ready to pack it in. Butch, the auctioneer, finally made his way to the last three tables.  The tables were auctioned out as choice, where the winning bidder got their choice of what was on the table. Every round of bidding was a mystery, because people could be bidding against others on different items. I generally hold back on the choice auctions, biding my time and hoping that the item I want is not high on somebody else’s radar. The bids were outrageous, every round of bidding I held my breath, hoping against hope that the three antique wood planes would not be scarfed up at more than their value.

Finally Butch was at $10, and rather than wait for him to go down to five where I would risk a bidding war, I held up my number and won.  I picked up these two antique Union Factory Warranted, H. Chapin wood planes. H. Chapin’s Union Factory was in business from 1828 to 1859, becoming H. Chapin and Sons or other variants in 1860 and after.

These will be nice additions to my antique tool collection. They are not worth a whole lot – but certainly more than the $10 I paid.

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