Half a century and then some

Ken Richardson mini antler bone knifeAnother year – time does fly.It seems that only last week I was celebrating my 40th birthday at the Frosted Mug. Where the hell did fourteen years go?

My birthday this year will be low key. First of all, I worked all night and am dog-tired.

bottle openerLiz bought me a couple gifts. The knife is hand-crafted with a handle of antler and turquoise and polished brass, the filet blade is steel. The sheath is hand-tooled leather with bone accents – and the entire knife is less than 3 1/2″.

The other gift is a cast iron bottle opener.

My gift to my self is a new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy that is to be delivered today via FedEx. So, even though I really could use a nap, I don’t dare.  The package requires a signature – so I have to remain awake until the FedEx guy gets here. I hope I am not his last stop!

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