Happy New Year

IMG_7828Snow on the Superstitions

The last time the Superstitions had a cap of snow was two years ago; Liz and my first winter here.

Prior to that snow, it was 35 years since the last snow.

It rained most of New Year’s Eve, the precipitation turning to icy slush by Midnight.

IMG_7843Our New year’s eve was quiet and unassuming – I hope this is not a sign of old age. We had a small get-together at our house, turkey for dinner; we never finished the champagne and even had beer left over – Mike and I are losing our touch!

IMG_7832The slush in valley was snow in the mountains, and we were graced with a beautiful and rare view of the Superstitions this morning. I filled my travel mug with hot, black coffee and Liz and I took a drive to Tonto National Forest for the photo op.

We stopped by the Superstition Museum for a great shot of the Elvis Chapel with the snow-capped mountain behind. The Chapel is one of two buildings that survived the many fires of the Apacheland Movie Ranch – the locale of many westerns filmed in the 1950’s through the 1970’s. It was featured in Charro, the only movie that Elvis starred in that he didn’t sing – contractual issues.

IMG_7831From the museum, we headed to the Mining Camp, a local restaurant that has a stunning view of the mountain.

From the Mining Camp we headed to First Water. The washes still flowing with water; with all of the rain in December, we are looking forward to a colorful spring. By March the desert and mountains should be ablaze as the wildflowers come alive. Last year’s drought brought few flowers.

Tonight will bring more record low temperatures, with the promise of a weekend in the 70’s. The snow is already disappearing from the peaks.


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