I must be out of my head

1960's Vintage Field and Stream Trailer
1960’s Vintage Field and Stream Trailer

I must be crazy! We picked up this vintage Field and Stream trailer this morning. It is in fairly rough condition.

Liz told me about it, and she was told it was a 10-foot camper. And she was told it had good tires on it.

The owner was using it as a potting shed. The pack rats had a heyday with the inside. Both tires were flat. But the skin is good, and the chassis is solid.

We spent the morning cleaning it out, and inflated the tires. It took some maneurvering to get it out of her driveway – we made it down her street and onto McKellips when I noticed the one side seems to be riding a bit low. The driver’s side tire blew out from dry rot. Luckily it had a new spare.

IMG_20141207_111133A half-hour later we were back on the road, and luckily the Sheriff patrol didn’t pass by, as we were towing it without tags. I managed to pull it safely into Mike’s yard.

We have to replace the passenger side tire, as it is in only a little better condition than the other was, and I don’t want to risk the five-mile drive to our house until I have better rubber on it.

It has the original cabinets; real wood.  All of the wood can easily be refinished. The range will have to be replaced, I am sure, and the fridge is antique.

The bed has been ripped out, which makes my job simpler. The seating, too, is long gone. That is all good, since the first order of business is to gut the walls and replace the floor. Then I have to figure out the wiring, which has to be completely replaced. One set of wiring will be for driving lights, which will hook into the truck. The rest will serve for the lighting and electrical inside.

Solar is becoming more of an affordable option, and a roof mounted panel might be enough to run the fridge and lights.

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