Installing a window

new window installedI still have a wall of shelves to install in the ongoing shed project. Before I could install the shelves, I had to install the window.

The first problem is that all of the windows I found were 24 inches wide.  This is a real issue when you have a shed with studs set on 24-inch centers.

This is where my Ryobi cordless reciprocating saw came in handy.  I gut out a section of the stud, and then braced the stud with another on the outside, so that I had a 24″ wide opening.

new window for the shedThat process took me longer than actually cutting the opening and installing the window.

I need to trim the window with some 1×3 pine, and we will be good to go. Now I have light on the inside, at least during daylight hours.

Next step is to complete the shelves.

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