Jawbone Clock

Desert Detritus jawbone clock This is my latest Desert Detritus Clock.


The jawbone is from a horse, bleached in the sun of the Sonoran Desert. It measures about 12-inches wide.

The disk behind the face of the clock is an old coffee can lid from one of the hobo camps. The base is a valve from a long abandoned automobile engine.

I suppose part of the thrill of creating these one-of-a-kind Art Clocks is that I get to scavenge refuse from the desert, doing my part to help the environment; combining man-made trash with nature’s discarded parts, and creating unique sculptural and functional pieces.

While the clock does appear precariously balanced, the base of the valve is perfectly balanced. Unless you display it in a wobbly cabinet and allow children to run rampant in your household, it is completely stable.

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