Jill Cucci-Smith new website

jill cucci smith websiteGood friend and artist Jill Cucci-Smith wanted a total revamp of her personal website, cucci-smith.com. Over the years it has undergone many changes, the last one centered around her Barn Studio.

Jill’s barn has history, and she has been faring very well with her classes for children and adults. Her adult classes involve glasses of wine along with art lessons, so I was not surprised when she took the next step in marketing. The Barn now has its own branded website, hopefully not confusing potential new artists with an URL that is different than the name of the studio; this move left the cucci-smith.com open for an extreme makeover.

I talked Jill into moving into a blog framework.  Jill wrote for me, under the pen-name Art Hag, for the Inferno newspaper I published for seven years. I knew she had a penchant for writing, as well as a way with words, so this move was a natural.

We are stil tweaking the blog, but I have moved her into a website that will soon be totally under her control.  She will no longer have to depend on me for updates – which was a bad business move on my part…

However, I always have the best interests of my clients at heart and will advise them on what I feel is best for them, even if it means a loss of income for me.

If you are in the market for a website, and feel that a blog is rght for you, I would be happy to set you up. For $400, I will set up a blog with your own domain name, with three years of webhosting included, and will teach you the basics. if you can use facebook, you can learn how to operate your own blog.

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