Landscaping the Studio

Landscaping the studioWhen Apache Stone unloaded five tons of stone in our driveway last week, the pile looked small. I was concerned there would not be enough to cover the front yard with the requisite two inches.

Not only did I get two inches over the yard – three inches in a few areas – I had enough surplus to apply stone under the herb container-garden, and enough to put a layer across the front of the studio.

Landscaping the studioBefore laying down the gravel some weeding had to be done. Weeding in the desert is hazardous duty. In the desert, even the plant life fights back!

For a protective ground cover to prevent new weeds from poking through, in lieu of the expensive ground tarps I used dog food bags – they are free!  Weeding around the Prickly Pear cacti was tedious, and I did get my share of pricklies… the stone will now inhibit the worst of the weeds.

The exterior of the studio is now presentable when we bring guests in – now I have to tackle the inside.  It is a disaster! it doesn’t help that both Liz and I are pack-rats.

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