Licensed to Carry

The mail carrier brought me a gift this past Saturday! I finally received my CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit.

Arizona is a Constitutional Carry State. That means you do not need a permit to carry, either open of concealed. I have been carrying for the past five years. Most people, well at least most locals do not look twice when they see someone in the Home Depot or the Fry’s Grocery store with a gun on their hip.

Law enforcement might give you a once over, but there are never any questions asked. So why, you might ask, would I go through the expense of getting a CCW?

First of all is reciprocity – I can now carry concealed in 37 states, providing I abide by their laws. Second, if I have contact with law enforcement, all I need do is provide my drivers license and the CCW to de-escalate any situation. LE now knows that I have passed a federal background check, and hence, am not a felon. They know I expended time and money to obtain the proper training to carry. They also understand that I know the laws regarding firearms.

It also speeds up the process the next time I want to buy a gun, I can bypass the mandatory background check. It will save me 45 minutes at the gun store.

Last year, the Maricopa sheriff recommended that all law abiding citizens acquire a CCW, and carry; and our Pinal County sheriff is also a big fan. Both believe that an armed citizenry assists law enforcement and makes us safer in the long run. I concur.

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