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Mom, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet – USA! That used to be a fact. I can still count on Mom, but not so much the others.

Apple pie contains GMO’s and High Fructose Corn Syrup. You might as well use Ethylene Glycol as a sweetener! Chevrolet has become the mother of welfare queens, expecting taxpayers to bail out corporate malfeasance and managerial neglect. For a while, we owned a portion of General Motors, but then sold back the shares at a phenomenal loss. No wonder our 401k’s took a hit!

We hear upbeat news reports of the upward tick in employment in the country. We are heartened by the creation of much-needed jobs. Nobody dares to look under the covers. The jobs created are low wage service gigs that used to be relegated to students and retired people. These jobs are now sought by the sole breadwinners because jobs that pay a livable wage are few and far between. Finding an employer that will hire you full time is a soul-breaking task. Major employers will brag about their generous benefits packages – and yet only hire people for part-time positions.

One huge loss has been in the area of manufacturing jobs. As people seek bargains, stretching their hard-earned dollars to the limit, they are forced to sacrifice quality, and to buy Chinese-made junk and off-shore sourced products so that they will have enough money left over to pay the rent and the utilities bills. And the cycle continues – fewer domestic jobs and lower wages.

I do my best to buy USA. Many times I simply cannot afford to. In way too many cases, there is no option – for instance, all TV sets are manufactured offshore. Well, that is not entirely true – you can buy a Seura 42” television set, made in the USA, at a starting price of $4,999.00. Hell, I’ll take one for every room in my house!

Shoes are next to impossible – I cannot afford $150 for a pair of Made in USA sneakers. I have found jeans that are made in the USA. Levi’s, Lee and Wranglers all have some jeans made in the USA. The Levi’s will set you back $80 a pair. The Wranglers are difficult to next-to-impossible to find. However, Texas Jeans are made in, you guessed it, Texas. I bought a pair for $19.99, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality.

I guess I should first discuss the issues. There is not as large a selection of sizes as there are with Levi’s I wear 32” or 33” waist, and 31” inseam. The inseams they offered were either 30” or 34”. There were loose threads from rough cuts inside the legs beyond the hems – nothing you could see, and this does not affect the wearabilty or overall quality, but it indicates shortcuts.

But, the jeans only cost $19.99.

The positive points, beside the price, are the weight of the denim. These jeans are heavy duty, double stitching and rivets. They are comfortable, and fit like a pair of Levi’s. They offer a variety of styles, and for less than half the price of a new pair of not-made-in-the-USA Levis, you can’t go wrong.

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