Proof of Alien technology?  This is New Mexico! I am into my second new year in Arizona. 2014 is coming off to a good start, and I have reason to feel positive. However, I am hesitant to become too optimistic, I have been beaten down to the gutter every other time things began to look up, and each backward spiral took me deeper than when I began.

But, I am cautiously optimistic – what can I say? Like the electrical towers in New Mexico that I spotted as I drove across country, teetering on an impossible point (proof of alien technology?), but somehow surviving desert winds, I suppose that I will make it through stronger than I started; at least that is what Nietzsche claims.

Somewhere in Texas... Somewhere in Texas a water tower leans precariously – I have to wonder for how much longer?

I have yet to exhibit my art in AZ. I have been fairly busy in the studio/workshop. I have completed six Desert Detritus clocks, with another in the works.  I have sold quite a few Superstition Sawblade clocks, and have eight in inventory. I suppose I have enough to approach a fine craft gallery in Phoenix for representation.

I have plenty of paintings to fill a small exhibition, but not enough of them are framed. The smaller paintings absolutely require frames, as do the paintings on Masonite. I expect, if all goes well, to have enough money saved up to frame them by the end of summer, ready for Autumn when the Snowbirds return, and I have a chance of selling some.

Ijust have to hang on, like the water tower…

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