NO! is NOT for sale!

shooting It has started again – fucking Chinese assholes demanding that I sell my domain to them for a pittance – because they “are not really that wealthy”.

This began three years ago, with emails asking if the domain was for sale, and when I said everything had a price, they figured I meant I would give it away!

I have owned since 1998. I have built my creative design business around the name – the websites I have built on this domain have landed me two different full-time jobs as web designer and graphic artist. I have sold countless paintings and sculptural pieces through the website. My main email is through this site’s mail server, and email address I have owned and used since the site’s inception.  I have people that contact me once every few years, and use the site’s form mail or they use my personal email address – people with which if the domain changed, I would lose contact.

I am sorry, but the promise a thousand dollars from some shady person overseas is not worth the hassle of changing the ten email addresses I host for clients, of changing the contact information for the dozen or so websites that I manage for other, of changing the contact information for EVERY account that I use – including all those that I have forgotten that I use!

So figure this out – unless the offer is in five-figures, please do not even waste my time.

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