NOT a Mirage…

rain in the Sonoran DesertWTF? Monsoon is long gone, and yet we continue to get precipitation in copious quantities in the Sonoran Desert!

Not that I am complaining – Arizona has been in drought for many years now. Ironically enough, these latest deluges formed off of the California coast, and yet Cali has been bypassed each time. The storms roll in over Baja and the Gulf of California, through Mexico and then cross our border. At least this is an influx from Mexico that we can all enjoy – well, those that have not endured flood after flood. This lake in our backyard is the result of 15 minutes of rain, almost four inches according to our catch basins. This was about 6:15AM this morning. The East Valley doesn’t get four inches of rain in a year!

The water encroached into the kitchen – that only happened once before – during Monsoon last year. It is now2:20PM, and the sun is out, and the furniture is dry – and the lake has disappeared, although there are still some soggy patches in the low area near the back wall.

I am expecting good friend gerry Morre this evening – he is flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor from New Jersey for the weekend. It will be good to see him, it has been almost three years since we had a chance to visit. Unfortunately I have to work tonight, so the bottle of Jameson will have to wait until tomorrow to be cracked.

I took off work Sunday night, a feat as we are in the middle of Christmas reset, and nobody is allowed to take time off. But I have never missed time, and always work overtime when it is offered, so my boss pleaded my case to the powers that be. If we were not in the middle of the second biggest project of the year, I would have taken tonight off, too.

We had plans to ride through the desert, off road.  I have a pass to Bull Dog Gulch, but I think we have to call that off. These sort of rains dig huge gulleys through what we call roads in the mountains, and the washes will stil have rushing water that is treachorous – a foot deep wash will pull a vehicle twenty feet off the road.  Even Jeeps are not safe – and there are steep fines if you are ticketed under Arizona’s “stupid motorist” law.

On the bright side, the forecast calls for sunshine and moderate temperatures for the weekned.

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