Not quite ready for prime time…

Old RedSomething I find useful when struggling with a painting is to photograph it than look at it on the computer. I get the distance I need as well as a thumbnail size shot of what the thing is going to look like.

I have been sparring with this one for well over a month – much longer, much more attention, than it deserves. I love paintings that employ a lot of negative space.  I have actually accomplished negative space in positively.

This painting had too much negative space, the sky was the most glaring example, hitting the viewer in the face with its emptiness. I worked the stucco wall as best I could to take away the bleak bareness of the whitewashed facade. The back wood walls really cannot take much more artistic liberty, they are what they are. But the bleak blue-gray desert sky lent itself to artistic lies.

In the winter and spring, the desert skies are too often a nondescript cerulean blue. The only variation is from the horizon to the apex, and that is not what one could call exciting.

However, in the summer and fall we have exciting sunsets and sunrises – colors that I could only imagine existed. I never expected to be wowed, after experiencing the Bay Shore sunsets that grew mundane simply due to their familiarity, in southern New Jersey. I hope the desert sunsets never grow as mundane.

Anyway, I added an out of season sunset to the painting, and it proved to me that I was heading in the right direction. This is in no way finished – the sky will have to have much more purple than it does. And the colors will have to be tamed a bit, simply because the truck is the focal point of the painting – and even though it needs more work, I am happy with the overall image.  I need to get this thing out of the way so I can work on something new…

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