Nothing new here

ringneck turtle doveThere is not a lot new here in Arizona. I work, sleep, and work again.

I have updated a couple of websites – and will post particulars soon.

My friend visits daily, and she persists on being a nuisance until I feed her. Her mate still will not eat from my hand, but she will tolerate me rubbing her feathers with a finger for a few seconds in exchange for a kibble.

Saguaro bloomThe Saguaros are beginning to blossom, a little early this year. The white flowers bloom at night, and generally do not last more than a couple of days.

Last month we had a week with record high temperatures, after a rare winter snow on New Year’s Day and a higher than normal amount of precipitation.

Saguaro bloomThe spring bloom in the desert appears to be tied to a healthy El Nino effect; the higher than average precipitation in the winter a harbinger of the awakening of hibernating flowers.

With the flowers come the bees. While we have had incidents of Africanized bees, with horrific attacks, the wild honeybees are just as dangerous.  We have had several bee attacks on hikers in the past weeks. Awareness of your surroundings in the desert is of the utmost importance. If you don’t disturb the bees, they will leave you alone.

cottontails in my drivewayI am greeted every morning, when I arrive home from work, by cottontails that love to play in my driveway.

With the mountains being as lush as they are with vegetation, and the washes still containing ample water supplies, we don’t see many coyotes in the city limits. Come August they will likely be making forays closer to civilization.

Tonight is my Friday – one more night of work. Then I have a project; the water main into the house is leaking and I have to perform emergency surgery on the line.  Hopefully it will be an easy task. Saturday, Liz and I are heading to Phoenix to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Good music, and Abita beer! The only thing missing from the New Orleans experience will be humidity!


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