Old friends

tarantulaGerry Moore is over for a visit this weekend. It is good to see old friends.

We took a drive to the Superstitions this afternoon, to Tonto National Forest. I decided to take him to First Water, since it is fairly easy and close to home.  With the recent rains, many of the roads have been washed away. I didn’t want to take too many chances with his rental car…

tarantulaI saw this tarantula crossing the road. He was not shy, and every time I moved he began walking towards me. I estimate that he was about 5-inches long, just a bit smaller than my open hand.

We took the Second Water trail head to the end, and then hiked to the split. Second Water was flowing freely, the water was sweet and cool. It tasted much better than AJ water.

second waterAfter the hike, we hit Filly’s Roadhouse for a couple of cold beers. We have a few more local bars to frequent before he leaves.

Home, I put organic ground beef on the grill and we had hamburgers and coleslaw and potato salad for dinner. And for dessert? Cohiba maduro cigars and Glenmorangie single malt scotch.

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