Other Cat, and Other Shit

Other CatWell, it appears we have a permanent house guest. Nobody responded to the “Found Kitten” fliers or posts on the Apache Junction Facebook page.

Natasha, our cat, has finally accepted that there is another cat in the house, and they do not hiss or fight as much. Tasha is finally coming out of our bedroom and reclaiming her chair, the other cat lies on the sofa with Liz.

The kitten has been trying to make friends with Tasha. The dogs largely ignore her, and she likewise the dogs, but Thor likes her. Now we have the quandary of naming her. Liz doesn’t like my contribution of Other Cat.

The weather took a dramatic change for the better this week – we have seen daytime temps in the 70’s, and down to the 60’s at night – downright chilly.

Liz has been in the studio – I have not stepped in the studio for any artistic endeavor all year. Until we get a shed to clear out my corner fo the studio of detritus I cannot even consider going in and being creative. Clutter makes me feel claustrophobic, and I spend more time organizing rather than painting.

With the cooler weather, however, I am getting into a regular sleep routine. I actually sleep in the morning now, rather than toss and turn and wake up every half hour. By 1pm I am up and run errands or do chores, catch up on email and web design stuff.

Our entire back yard is covered in grass after the exceptional rains this year. Bad news is I have to mow the lawn. Good news is that it keeps the dust down to a minimum.

With the cooler temps, it is now hiking time again. Liz and I decided that we will start hiking on Saturday mornings. With our disparate schedules it will be impossible to hike more than once a week. Hopefully the heavy rains will have turned up some treasures in the desert.  And with the hikes I will have some new pictures to post.

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