New Gallery

MaskI just added a gallery page to feature some of my found object assemblage pieces.

With my paintings I attempt to express a mood without being overtly political. I don’t intend my paintings to have any message, but rather to convey mood.

With my mixed-media assemblages, however, there often is a message, intended or otherwise. Sometimes it is overt, other times subliminal.

On the Easel

On the EaselFilly’s Roadhouse is a local tavern on the outskirts of AJ, near the base of the Superstition Mountains.

By the name, you know this is a honkytonk bar.

I have been spending as much time in the studio as possible – but when the temps hover at 115° as they have this week, the window unit air conditioner fights to keep the temps in the studio at a comfortable level. The nice thing about the high temps and low humidity are that the oils dry quickly and I can continue working in finer detail than I am used to.

The current one has a little way to go – it is not quite done, but I am getting there.

Time to Rebuild

AJ SunsetAJ Sunset – oil on canvas, 8″x10″ – $100

Yes, all of my paintings are for sale. One of the difficulties of relocating faced by the artist is building a new clientele.

The web design business is no big deal – this is the information age were communication possible no matter where you are in the world. Even when I lived in the same state as half of my clients we rarely ever had to meet in person.

But selling art is an altogether different bird. Collectors like to know the artist, even if it is merely in a capacity as an acquaintance. Back east, I had an assortment of collectors, and it was rare for a painting, once off the easel, to sit around the studio for more than a couple months. Suffice to say, that is not an issue here in AZ.

I am starting from the ground up, getting involved with the local artist communities and looking for venues to exhibit. In addition to my well known bar series, I have been painting quite a few desert landscapes. This was the first of the series, and I was – still am – experimenting with style and trying to find my way.

A New Beginning

Superstition Skies Bar

“Skies”, oil on canvas, 8″x10″ – $100
Free shipping in continental USA.

It is apparent that the good folks (/sarcasm) at Mochahost have absolutely no intention of helping me fix the travesty that has caused the decimation and loss of ten years worth of entries to this blog.

But there is little use crying over spilt milk. The site gets a total makeover, and I get to start fresh.

I will be revamping the gallery section, and I have a lot of paintings and images to post in the weeks to come as I flesh out the site.

To start, I offer my latest Bar Series painting – Superstition Skies, a local honky-tonk.

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