Saguaro and meMy website is under voracious attack again by Turkish hackers. I have taken actions to make my install of WordPress ├╝ber-secure against this brute-force attack.

If the site seems sluggish to you, or you get strange errors when you try to access, it is due to this netbot attack made possible by idiots that do not secure their computers with a valid and up-to-date anti-virus program and practice safe web-surfing.

Brought to you by morons that click on attachments to emails that come from unverified sources, believing that somehow magically some unknown person is giving them millions of dollars.

Anyhow – in order to thwart these scumbag Turks I removed critical files from my WP install – basically crippling functions from the back-end that make it easier for me to use.

Now you may ask, why would Turks want to attack this site? In the previous iteration, I often posted information about the Armenian Genocide – or the Great Crime in which Ottoman Turks murdered and raped and tortured Armenians and drove them from their own homeland.

One-quarter of the Armenian population was murdered. The men were all brutally tortured to death, while women, children and invalids were forced on a death march through the Syrian desert and deprived of food and water. The women and young girls were repeatedly raped, and even young boys were raped as most Islamic men are closet fags. The Turks are big into watching horse sex, and child porn. But I digress.

The real travesty is that the Armenian Holocaust occurred between 1915 and 1923 – it was the first known modern cleansing and verified case of genocide. For eight years the Turks went on the biggest murder spree in documented history, and the world looked on and was mute.

Hitler actually referred to the Armenian Genocide and it was the impetus for his purging of Jews – he realized that if the Turks could get away with it, he too would be able to murder without interference. His death camps were modeled after Turkish death camps, and his experimentation on children mimicked the crimes of the Turks. This is not surprising since Germany was involved in the Armenian genocide, if not as participants, as quiet advisers.

Today, it is a crime in Turkey to even mention the Armenian Genocide. Turkish intellectuals have been imprisoned, tortured and even executed for demanding that the government own up and cease denying historical fact.

Twenty countries have officially recognized this mass murder as genocide – the United States is not one of them. Obama lied when he was elected, when he promised to officially recognize the genocide – but the Islamic government of Turkey put him in his place, and it is apparent that he side with the Turks and not with Armenian victims. Of course, he is not alone, every president in this country since 1915 has conspired to ignore this tragic piece of history – they all allowed a cover-up of great magnitude (the Armenian Genocide is not taught in the public school system despite its great significance) in exchange for having a piece of Turkey to land some airplanes in. Truth be damned when you have a political agenda…


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