Phoenix Cajun Festival

Yesterday was a perfect Arizona day, not a cloud in the sky, a constant breeze, and not so hot that you fried your brains.

Zach DeputyLiz and I went to the Phoenix Cajun Festival to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Boasting the original line-up that has not changed since 1989, they had the arena swinging.

Sponsored by Abita Beer, Abita had a full line of brews on tap. Cajun food in the food courts, even a cigar vendor. The day started off with the Bad Cactus Brass Band controlling the stage for three hours. Zach Deputy followed with a two-hour set with no break.

After his gig, Zach hung around the arena and freely chatted with the audience. He mingled around the arena and did not hole up in the VIP section, to his credit.

Today I made a large batch of salsa.  We are having a pot luck at work tonight, and I was volunteered to bring my home-made salsa and chips. Now I will relax for the remainder of the afternoon, before an evening nap, and then off to work for another week of the grind.

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