Pieces fall into place

saca mural 2The pieces finally fall into place. Today I congregated with Gustavo McGrew of Mountain Heath and Wellness (and fellow SACA board member) with Jeff Danford, Gail McFarland and Liz to puzzle out the final murals.

Fifty some-odd pieces by various artists of all ages lay in a pile, begging cohesion. The earth spirit was with us, providing perfect weather for the occasion.

saca mural 3Fifty-six diverse visions, artists from a youthful six-years old to a youthful 70+ years old all had their brushes involved. Political dalliances fell to the wayside as all joined in on a project to benefit the community. Gustavo was more than generous as his wallet became thinner with each phase of this project.  Apache Junction Ace Hardware gave willingly, providing much needed supplies.

In the end, seemingly incongruous pieces of art melded into a whole. Actually, into two wholes. Two 3-dimensional murals will soon be on permanent display at EarthHeart Park in Apache Junction. Gustavo will be overseeing the installation of 4X4 posts in the park, and next Saturday we will be on hand to erect the murals – to be publicly unveiled the following Saturday during the Salsa/Pinata festival. Gustavo is already talking about next year when we will install two more, creating a public art gallery on the grounds of the park.

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