Predatory Pinterest – I hate BULLIES!

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Pin This!

Unless your head has been buried in the proverbial sand, or stuck as far up your rectal cavity as the CEOs of Pinterest have theirs, you have heard of Pinterest. I still don’t get their business model, but I joined early on just to add one more avenue of sharing my artwork.  I have seen no real benefit, but since it took so little effort on my end, and since it was free, I figured “What the hell?”

Well, Pinterest has entered into a lawsuit against a very small internet start up called – a site that allows users to share their trips. But because this new start up used the extremely uncommon word “pin” in their name, a word that according to Pinterest never existed until they used it, Pinterest decided to use their massive resources to bully this smaller company.

Now – the two sites have decidedly different purposes – and there is no way in hell any reasonably intelligent person could ever misconstrue one for the other. Pintrips allows people to share their trips online – something that you can accomplish through various other social networking sites. These other networking sites have not filed lawsuits.

Pinterest allows you to “pin” pictures from other websites onto your page, sharing your interests. As I said, no reasonable person could possibly claim the two sites are similar. But, because the new start up decided to use a word that has been in the dictionary ever since Noah Webster penned the first one, Pinterest decided to file a trademark infringement suit, since no company has ever used the word “pin” in their company name before Pinterest came up with the concept.

Anyway – I despise bullies, and I believe Pinterest’s interests would be better served in developing a model that actually makes financial sense rather than throwing their weight around with frivolous lawsuits. To that end, I just deleted my Pinterest account.  I hope that Pintrips is able to be heard by a judge that understands trademark law, and that the Pinterest is thrown out with prejudice.  It would sweeten the deal if Pintrips was also awarded damages.

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