Product Review – Artist Loft Acrylics

Artist Loft Acrylic PaintsI do not generally use acrylic paints.  I rely on oils for my paintings, and Krylon® spray paint is my best friend for found object assemblage.  However, there are instances where only acrylic paints will suffice.

I have five paper mâché skulls that I am painting a base coat on, in preparation of a Day of the Dead piece that I still haven’t fully figured out.

Anyway, I picked up a handful of Artist Loft beginner’s kits, figuring they would give me plenty of acrylic paints for such projects.

Maybe it was a mistake to use Lemon Yellow as my first test – it took three coats to cover the skull, and the paint is still not uniform.  For the first skull, I used red Shin Han acrylics, from Korea. The coverage was uniform and the pigment intense. The Artist Loft Lemon Yellow, on the other hand, is translucent.

For the next skull I used Artist Loft Cerulean Blue – the results were a little better, but still spotty and required two coats.  The Shin Han green – since the tube is labeled in Korean, I do not know what shade of green – also covered with one coat.

Maybe I am using the wrong colors of Artist Loft, and need to choose a more opaque for the next (and final) skull.  It can’t get any more opaque than Lamp Black – and so that will be my next test.  If that doesn’t cover in one coat the I will have to give Artist Loft a thumb’s down for any serious artist. What good is paying half the price for a tube of paint if you have to use twice as much?

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