Rain, pain and gain

Purple Sage
Purple Sage, Texas Sage

The first time I ever heard of Purple Sage was in the name of the band, New Riders of the Purple Sage. I thought purple sage was an herb – but growing up on the east coast, I suppose that can be forgiven!

We have a Purple Sage in our front yard, and once a year it gives evidence of its name. It displays bright purple flowers for about a week, then becomes just another green shrub for the rest of the year.

Hendrick’s Gin and a pretense of Vermouth

This year it bloomed early, along with torrential rain, which has not ever been recorded in our area in the beginning of June. The rain prevented me from beginning my latest project, building a shed.  The kit is still by the car port, the only progress I made was fishing out the instruction manual and reading all 50 pages.

I suppose I will begin work next weekend, weather permitting. Just in time for 100+° temperatures!

A rainy afternoon was the perfect excuse for a martini this past Friday.  The instruction manual for the shed made good reading material.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was well-written and illustrated. We still have to purchase another $200 of materials before I begin – including 4×4 runners and decking.

The Mirage
The Mirage

Yesterday, Liz and I enjoyed lunch and trivia at The Trough, a local dive with a superb and affordable menu.

After lunch, we went to the Mirage OTB, to bet on the Belmont Stakes. Of course American Pharoah made history, taking the Triple Crown without effort. Once again, my Trifecta got two out of three – but I also bet on Frosted to place, and made some of my money back.  I can see where this can become addicting.

Today the sky is cloudless, which is more typical for the valley than the freak rain we saw this weekend. I am now waiting for the humidity to burn off, it is down to 20%. That is still too high… but the breeze makes it pleasant under the ramada.

Liz bought two nice organic Black Angus steaks – I can’t wait to throw them on the grill. That, too, will be a project for next weekend!



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