Ready for Prime Time

SACA Mural installedLast week Gustavo McGrew and his crew from Mountain Health and Wellness installed the two murals from the SACA Public Mural Project. They did a splendid job, and Gustavo envisions many more along the border of EarthHeart Park.

The murals are visible from the street, along the edge of the maze.  A benefit, beside the aesthetic, is that the murals will act as a shield for the community garden from passersby. Last month some miscreants stole a good amount of plants.

Though the park is on private property, Gustavo envisions it as public space and hence, there will be no fences or gates. Fortunately local businesses immediately banded together to replace the pillaged produce, and are working to make the area more secure with motion activated lights and such.

This coming Saturday the murals will be officially unveiled at the Salsa and Pinata Festival on the grounds. Our hopes on the board of SACA is that this will be the impetus for more interest from the community of Apache Junction as an area that is conducive to the arts, and to foster more interests from local business to support public art.

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