cucci-smithGrowing up at home, my mother used to rearrange the furniture on a regular basis, or at least that is how it seems. Maybe it wasn’t as often as my memory seems to believe.

It was always a trial for my dad, who was constantly stubbing his toes or slamming his shin into an end table or sofa that was not there eight hours ago. Of course, if my father had his way, there would have been no change in the house at all, and funriture would have been bolted to the floor.

Anyway – I have spent the better part of the last week rearraning Jill Cucci-Smith’s website. I talked her into abandoning her static site in favor of a more dynamic blog format. My first mistake was in installing WordPress into a sub-directory so that we could maintain her old website until we got up to speed.The issues arose when we deleted the old site and tried to direct the domain to the new blog – the domain name reolved to the main directory, which of course was empty. I created a new index page with a link to her blog, and created some fancy Flash animation – but this solution didn’t satisfy either of us.

She finally convinced me to move the entire site up one level, and I warned her that it was not an easy move, and that we could lose everything. We did lose everything – and I had to wipe the site completely and reinstall WordPress.  Luckily Google search caches webpages, and I was able to save all of her original posts.

We had forgotten which template we based the site on – WP has literally thousands, so we fond a new template that gave us the latitude to design the site with the features she wanted.

I finally had a chance to take a breather – for two days…

The web host selected this week to do a major overhaul of their server – the server that hosts Jill’s site. The new server is faster, has more RAM, more space – and the load time of the site is significant.  However, there is a security issue with WP on the uploading and display of image files. They are particular about “ownership” – meaning there are safeguards in place to prevent outside parties that are unauthorized from uploading dangerous content by spoofing their identity.

WP didn’t recognize any longer that the server on which it was installed was properly authenticated to perfrom simple uploading and display of new images. I spent about fiver hours yesterday on a back and forth with technical support, until a senior engineer took over and resolved the issue. it now seems that everything is goog to go.


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