Renaissance Faire

Washing Well Wench up close and personal

I am a week late in posting. A day at the festival, a day recovering, a week from hell at work, and a chock-full weekend this week. I will have to write about mucho cervesa in my next post.


Last week we attended our first Arizona Renaissance Festival sans Mike. We did him proud. Our first stop, after the beer of course, was to see Tartanic.

The Ren Faire has become an annual tradition for us. Liz cooked up a batch of biscuits and gravy for breakfast – to soak up the excessive amounts of alcohol sure to be consumed during the day.

We arrived at the gates a half hour early. Mike always insisted that we arrive early. There is a fair amount of interaction between the performers and the crowd outside the gates before they open.

This winter has been the wettest in history. And colder than we are used to. Last week was the first warm weekend this year, and the crowds thronged the festival. It was a mob scene – good for the festival, bad for us!

Ghazaal Beledi World Music & Dance

Of course, the regulars were there to see Tartanic. Scottish bagpipes and drums, and men without pants. Cold beer and some rowdiness are a good way to start the day!

Then it is off to the Washing Well Wenches. A word of caution – never sit up front, and never make eye contact.

We always try to make the Ded Bob Show – a ventriloquist act where the ventriloquist wears a black bag over his head… the show is not about his talent. The dummy is a skeleton, and the entire show is double entendres. Therein lies his talent.

Ghazaal Beledi Dancers are amazing. World class dancers and musicians, the girls play with fire, knives, axes and perform acrobatics. And they are hot, too!

We end the day with a good old fashioned joust. These are real jousts, not staged.  The winners are the real winners. The first year we attended the jousts were staged like pro-wrestling. The good guy always won in the end. I prefer the new format. I always root for the underdog, anyway!




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