Renaissance Festival

Tartanic chic We did the Renaissance Festival today. It is one of the high points of our year, an annual excursion. As always, we grabbed a cold beer before heading to the Falconer’s Field to enjoy Tartanic – otherwise known as “Men Without Pants”.

After that we relaxed at Pan’s Oasis – the show was a lot less creepy than it has been in previous years.  The Washing Wenches followed with an extremely bawdy and NSFW show.

Liz and meFor lunch I had fish and chips – a perfect complement to my Smithwick’s Ale. Liz and Mike had a turkey leg – these turkey legs are classic, one of them could feed an army.

Liz and I are officially Ren Faire geeks – she wore her period dress and I was attired in my kilt.

Mike with the washing wenchThe weather was fully cooperative this weekend, unlike last week for the rodeo.

At the joust, I did my best to set Mike up with an eligible lady – the washing wench.

Liz didn’t find her soap merchant this year, but I did find the beer vendors. The best part of the Ren Faire is that the grounds are only a fifteen minute drive from our house. Tickets are $20 if bought in advance, and it makes for an inexpensive day out. The food is affordable – the beer is a bit pricey ($6 a pint for Guinness or Smithwicks; $5 for Bud), but that is part of the cost of a fun day out.

joustingI was well-behaved today, unusual, I know, and I managed to stay out of trouble. Nobody tried to peek under my kilt today. All in all it was a great day.







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