SACA Mural Project – Day Three

SACA crew
Carl B. Johnson, Liz Nicklus, Jeff Danford, Gail McFarland

Saturday, April 12 marked the 3rd and final EarthHeart Park Farmer’s Market for the season. The event, sponsored by Mountain Health and Wellness featured family friendly events, live music, arts and crafts and of course, a lot of fresh local produce.

The Superstition Art and Cultural Alliance (SACA) has had a presence at all three events in the form of a community art project. We invited the public to paint fanciful designs on abstract shapes of wood. On Saturday’s event, we stuck with a monochromatic theme, black and white! The project was an overwhelming success; we opened the tent to the public at 9AM, and by 10AM all of our shapes were completed.  (The inset in the photo shows a completed mural.)

saca webLiz and I decided, in addition to manning the SACA Mural tent, to set up our own. Jeff Danford and Gail McFarland, fellow SACA board members set up shop across the path from us, and Joe Yarina, builder of ships in bottles was next to us.

Liz sold a series of paintings; I had a lot of interest in my truck painting, but an outdoor festival is not always the best venue for higher-priced artwork.

Joe Yarina shows Liz how he fits those ships in the bottles
Joe Yarina shows Liz how he fits those ships in the bottles

We needed to come up with a cut-rate display solution for the event – we decided on two 4×8 foot sheets of plastic lattice. Zip ties secured the lattice to our decrepit EZ-Up tent. S-hooks were used to hang the artwork. For the next event – the Pinata and Salsa festival – we are going to add a third lattice. We are also going to make concrete ballasts to secure the tent – yesterday was really gusty.  One tent flew across the park – and that can be dangerous to the attendees. The wind also destroyed that tent, which was new.

I also have to build a proper display for my Desert Detritus wall clocks, as the pendulums do not operate properly if the clock is not perfectly vertical.  While I am at it, I will fancy up the display panel for my Superstition Sawblade clocks – as they say, “It is all in the presentation”!

This week Liz and I will be busy applying Polycrylic to the completed pieces of the mural, and next Saturday we meet with SACA volunteers to assemble the pieces into two murals which we will then erect on a permanent fixture at EarthHeart Park.  This will be the first of what will hopefully be more public art.

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