SACA Mural Project, Phase I, part 2

shapes for SACA Mural Project In January I wrote about Phase I of the SACA Mural Project.

SACA is the Superstition Arts and Cultural Alliance.  Liz and I serve on the board of directors. The purpose of SACA is to promote the arts in the shadow of the Superstition Mountain.

Mountain Health and Wellness is hosting several farmer’s Markets/Family days. This coming Saturday is the second of such events, and SACA has a booth inviting the public to participate in this mural project.

It is sort of scary that Liz and I, and Jeff Danford and his wife Gail are the face of SACA for this event! Jeff and Gail will have a tent next to the SACA tent featuring their art. I was negligent in applying for the necessary AZ tax certification, so I will have to wait until the third event to show and sell my art.

The event fills the entire Earthheart Park built by MH&W; the park is the brainchild of Gustavo McGrew, the Director of Wellness. He has generously provided the materials for the mural.

The public will assist us in painting designs onto the wood shapes that I cut this morning. These painted shapes will join the collection shapes painted during the first event, which was wildly successful. Next month we will repeat with even more shapes.

The completed painted shapes will then be assembled into an abstract mural which will then be displayed on the grounds of Earthheart Park, which is open to the public. This will be the first of hopefully many projects to come, bringing public art to Apache Junction.

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