SACA Mural Project

Mountain Health and Wellness Farm Market A patchwork of abstract design…

Today was the second of three Farm Markets hosted by Mountain Health and Wellness in Apache Junction. I manned the SACA booth.  Liz had to work this morning, so Jeff and Gail helped me until Liz arrived.

I assembled the cut shapes back into the 4’x8′ panel when I got home for this photo.  Any single piece on its own doesn’t have impact. As a whole, a different story. Of course, the end-product will look nothing like this. They will be assembled into a collage of shapes and colors, and displayed in an exterior mural on the grounds of the MH&W Earth Heart Park.

Live MusicThe Farm Market is more of a community event than just a farm market.  There is live music, today featured a Mexican band, and a country-western duo. Artists and artisans displayed and sold their work. there was a booth with organic eggs, home-made soaps, face-painting, an air-bounce for the kids, ethnic food, and more.

We never have any problem getting the children to paint the shapes, they have an endless source of talent and the freedom that comes with being a kid to paint away.  The adults usually said “I have no artistic talent”, blah, blah; but when finally enticed into painting released creative energy they didn’t think they had.

Mountain Health aand Wellness Farm MarketWe have one more event in April. A local newspaper will be there to do a story. It will most likely be a two-part article, as the unveiling of the finished mural will be during the Cinco de Mayo Festival. I expect I will have a booth on that one, because they will have a salsa contest. I make a kick-ass salsa. I am trying to talk them into hosting a chili cook-off event.

Well, I am tuckered out after today’s events.  It has been a busy past two days. I washed and waxed my truck yesterday.  And because it was valentine’s Day, I washed Liz’s car. Yes, I will never be accused of being romantic! But I can do a mean load of laundry! That is what I am doing now, as I sit on the patio enjoying the weather and updating the blog.

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