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SanDisk Clip+8

I have been using the SanDisk Clip +8 MP3 players for years now. We had an iPod Shuffle once – paid more than twice what the SanDisk Clips cost, had less RAM, and came with a 90 day warranty. It expired just about a week after the warranty expired.

Never being a big fan of Apple anyway, I searched for a viable replacement, and spent $65 for my first SanDisk Clip +4 – four gig of memory with the ability to accept a 16 gig MicroSD card.

SanDisk Sport Clip +8
SanDisk Sport Clip +8

I played that thing regularly for several years. The mini stereo jack finally gave up the ghost from frequently changing it from one speaker source to another.  I took it apart, and soldered the connection and eeked another six months of use out of it.

It was eventually time to replace it, so I opted for the SanDisk Clip Sport +8. I used it for work, 8 hours a night, and when it failed at 8 months, SanDisk promptly replaced it with another. The SanDisk Sport +8 accepts a 32 gig microSD card – for more space than I have music to fill.

I have a Canz speaker that I use with the MP3 player. The Canz is Bluetooth compatible, but I plug the Sandisk into the speaker. Sure, it looks like a homemade bomb, but makes for a portable music system perfect for work.

The Canz get no awards for volume, but then again, I am not looking to share my music with everybody at work – I only want music in my personal workspace.  Both the Canz and the Clip +8 (any variety) pumps out tunes for an eight hour shift with no problem.

When my second Sport Clip +8 died a few months out of warranty, after being played daily for a minimum of eight hours a day, and often for sixteen hours a day, I replaced it with the simpler Clip +8. It withstood more than a year of abuse.

The difference between the two is that the Sport Clip has a screen that displays an image of the album, the more basic Clip only displays text.  And the Sport Clip accepts the larger microSD card – but I had in excess of 5,000 songs on the Sport, and only filled the card half way. And I never touched the resident 8 gig of memory. The Sport also uses the smaller USB Micro B plug.

Both players receive local radio stations; so when I tire of my own extensive play list I can tune in to Phoenix 97.9 KUPD and rock out and be disgusted by Holmberg’s Morning Sickness.

I was disappointed when the new SanDisk died after four months of use. I admit that it was dropped a few times. I contacted SanDisk, and they requested an image of the unit, and proof of purchase (a copy of the email from sufficed) and promptly mailed me a prepaid mailer.

They were all out of my product, and offered to upgrade me to a Sport +8. They were out of basic black, so they gave me the choice of red, blue or purple cases. I received the replacement this past Friday.  They also shipped me a new USB cord under different cover – all gratis.

All in all, I have to recommend this to anyone that wants an inexpensive MP3 player.  Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the iPods now have, but for less than $50 you get a player that can take a beating, and is backed by excellent customer service.

Disclaimer: I have received nothing in the form of compensation for this review. I am simply sharing my experiences. Any product that can withstand the abuses I put it through deserves a recommendation.


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