shedI have been remiss in my obligations to keep this blog somewhat current. The main reason is that there is nothing worthy to report.

The shed now has a roof, and a fresh coat of paint. Monsoon is officially upon us in the East Valley, and we had our first taste this past weekend. The downpour, while not up to “monsoon” standards, was nonetheless steady and heavy. I sat under the ramada and enjoyed a glass of Glenmorangie scotch and a cheap cigar, and the light show over the mountains.

I painted the floor of the shed with a good coat of gray deck enamel. Next project is to build shelves inside – and I am exploring the most cost effective design.

As soon as the shed is completed and all of the extraneous junk is moved from the studio so that I can finally walk in and not shut down from sensory overload – I am a bit OCD and clutter just causes me to stop functioning – I will be free to pursue other projects and maybe hit the easel once again.

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