Snake bit?

Last week we were headed for the San Carlos Reservation to explore the peridot mine of a friend of ours. We stopped by George Johnston’s house to pick him and his daughter up for the trip.

George lives at the foot of the Superstitions. He has wild cats and deer and other wild life wander through his yard. Liz was telling me to watch out for diamondbacks as she stepped over this baby!

Diamondback rattlers are for the most part non-aggressive. I yelled a warning when I saw it, and she jumped three feet more quickly than I usually see her move! The snake began rattling and coiled up.

I had my camera at the ready and got a few good shots in. The snake quickly retreated under the brush and rattled a warning as it provided me with a great photo op.

This was a small one, not even 24 inches. It has been living by George’s porch for a few weeks. Western Diamondbacks are venomous, and you do not want to be bit by one, but for the most part they are reluctant to attack. Half of all bites are dry socket – no venom. And this one only wanted to be left in peace and quickly hid under the deep brush.

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