Spectacular sunset on a busy week

Arizona SunsetArizona sunsets are unequaled in their spectacular variety of palette and intensity. I have seen wonderful sunsets in Key West, and in New Jersey’s Bay Shore that left one in awe; but while I have seen the colors of Arizona’s sunsets in other places, I have never seen all of the colors, all at one time.

Five minutes after I shot this pic, the horizon turned blood red, as intense a red as I have never seen in nature. Our sunrises are just as spectacular – I usually miss them because I am already in work.

Liz turned 27 yesterday.  I am saying that, because if I gave her true age, she would beat me. No, really.

Saturday, we hung her exhibition at Arizona State University (ASU) Polytechnic Campus Library.  They have an extraordinary campus, and ASU contacted her and asked her if she would like to show. Of course she said “Hell, no!” Yeah, right.

She has been working all summer to build up a body of 45 paintings to fill the space – it is immense. While we were hanging the show and speaking with Kathy, who books the shows, I was asked if I wanted to show in the spring. I have no where near 45 pieces, nor can I paint that many that quickly, but Kathy said she would be happy to give me a wall or two.  I have about ten paintings ready to show, and need to frame another ten.

Muertos de los DiasYesterday, Liz and I went to the Muerto de Dias (Day of the Dead) festival sponsored by the Mesa Arts Center.

The festival is much larger than it was last year, and they held it on two days this year.

Our plan – Liz’s plan – was to have lunch at Backyard Taco and hit the festival. Backyard Taco was closed – as, it seems, was every restaurant in this part of Mesa. Fucking Mormons…

So we drove to Tempe and had lunch at Monti’s, a historic restaurant that dates back to the 1880’s. They claim the place is haunted. After eating well more than our fill at Monti’s, we went back to Mesa and enjoyed the festival.

Today I learned that my employer is dropping insurance on all non-full-time employees. It appears that our affordable insurance, while certainly not up to the standards that elected politicians and public employees enjoy at taxpayer expense, does not meet Obamacare standards.  We were informed that we had best look at other options, those being choosing the much more expensive Obamacare offering with much higher deductibles.  Geez – who voted for this guy? I have not been able to get on the website yet, maybe one day it will be up and running properly?

Liz got insurance – it covers basically nothing and the deductible is more than she paid for her last car, but at least it has a cap in case of catastrophic illness.  That was her main concern – because god forbid some scumbag insurance CEO that earns $150 MILLION a year before his bonuses feels he has a right to steal someone’s house because they are so ill that they maxed out their insurance companies benefits… all insurance execs are bottom feeding scum and I only wish that one day I would get to witness just one lose everything and have to sleep in the gutters and beg on the street corner for food. Until that happens, I will not believe in karma.

And with that said, I close with the tune playing in the studio right now.


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