new stone 2Five tons of stone. Five hours of manual labor. But it is almost done, at least this phase.

The truck came at 9AM this morning, just as I was falling asleep after working the night shift. Well, I couldn’t leave five tons of gravel in the driveway, so I began shoveling into the wheelbarrow and covering the yard.

I had planned on working on it for a few hours today, then catching some sleep before work tonight. As I was about to call it a day, Bob, my neighbor from across the street ambles over with a shovel and begins to lend a hand. Well, then we had a mission, complete the yard.

All is for the better, as tomorrow I need to put a finish coat of white paint on the abstract pieces for the mural project, and also work on displays for the exhibition at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday. I need a sturdy but lightweight wall to hang my wall clocks and paintings.

Hopefully next week I will have some free time to just relax…


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