Summer is here!

ceiling fan in ramadaSummer is here already, a little bit early! The temps are in the 90’s in the valley.  I installed the ceiling fan under the ramada just in time!

We wanted a tropical themed fan to coincide with the Key West themed bar area. All of the fans at Home Depot had light kits included. Yeah, I know, you do not have to install the light kit; I have this aversion to paying for something I don’t want or need.

We checked out, and all of the fans that fit our criteria started at around $300 – insane. I finally went to the Home Depot website, because they claim that if you cannot find it in the store, you can find it online. Did you know that you can get a kayak from Home Depot?

I found a nice Hampton Bay indoor/outdoor fan for $99, shipping included. We ordered it on a Saturday, it arrived Tuesday.

Of course no project is that simple – I had to frame the ceiling of the ramada to accept the mounting bracket, and run conduit out to the electrical service under the patio.  That is not yet complete – I rigged a power cord to the conduit and have it plugged into the wall outlet for the time being, a very short-term solution.  I have to install a junction box along the exiting conduit under the patio to supply the ramada, and also to continue powering the chandelier over the bar. It sounds more complicated than it is – just tedious.


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