sunset 1
Sunset over the Goldfield Mountains


Last night I explored the grounds of the Superstition Mountain Museum after hours. My intention was to capture the sunset, then later the Strawberry Moon as it rose over the Superstitions.

To be honest, I have seen more spectacular sunsets. Any sunset I see is good, it means I survived another day. It means I am not in jail. It means I can expect to see another sunrise.

cholla bloom
Chain fruit cholla in bloom

The temperatures fell to under 110ยบ. I brought my Microban water bladder with three liters. I brought my camera bag, a Walther P3 on my belt. I walked the grounds.

I was expecting to see more people out. The Strawberry Moon coincided with the summer solstice, a one in a generation event. Unfortunately cloud cover coupled with smoke from the wild fires burning throughout the state inhibited the view of the moon rise.

Cottontail relaxin’

I ran into a disoriented hiker in the desert behind the museum. He was armed with a vintage Red Ryder BB gun. He was carrying a metal detector, unaware that he is not allowed to use it on State and National Park lands. He did have a knapsack with plenty of water, only smart thing he did. He had no idea where he was. He was only ten minutes walk from his house.

The cottontails were out, relaxing under the Mesquite trees. Lizards cavorted over the rocks. I heard rustling in the brush off of the trails. Probably more lizards, or a snake that didn’t want to be bothered.

I never did get a pic of the moon. By the time the moon rose above the cloud cover, it was too high in the sky to include in a landscape photo. There is always next time – I think that is in anther 70 years…


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