Superstition Sawblade Clock

Superstition Sawblade ClockSuperstition Sawblade Clock
$45 + $11 shipping/handling in continental USA

Larger numerals, smaller hands, and a yellow sky – I am constantly increasing my inventory of Superstition Sawblade clocks, buying clock works with every new paycheck.

My Superstition Sawblades are hand-painted scenes of the Sonoran Desert. I use quality artist oils, and seal the face with an enamel lacquer. The works are precision quartz – I have five cock on the wall in a group, and set them all to the same time, second hand included. After more than a month, the second hands diverged by less than a ten-second spread across the group.  That’s pretty accurate for a house clock.

In addition to the Superstition Sawblades I have been incorporating clocks into my “found-object” sculptures. My Desert Detritus sculptures consist of old metal, debris, wood and what-have-you that was scavenged on our regular desert hikes.


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