Superstition Sawblade Clock

superstition sawbladeSuperstition Sawblade Clock

$45 (free shipping in continental USA)

Hand-painted with artist quality oils, several coats of urethane to protect the finish, accurate quartz movement. And, I include a Duracell AA battery – they have the copper top! – because I don’t use cheap crap!Christmas TreeWell, it is just over a week until Christmas. Liz and I picked up our tree this past week – instead of garland we did tinsel this year.

I don’t know why certain religious types get upset over the abbreviation of Xmas for Christmas. I mean, beside Christmas being a pagan festival that was pirated by the Catholic Church in order to keep “converts” to their religion…

The letter “X” was, as well as the symbol of a fish, and many other mystic symbols, used to represent “Christ” during the times when it was actually dangerous, deadly even, to be associated with that upstart sect of people called “Christians”. Yes, not every Christian was ready to be a martyr for the faith, and so they used symbols ans secret signs to identify themselves to other believers, and “X” was one of the acceptable ones.

Just sayin’…

And Christmas usurped Saturnalia, the tree is a pagan symbol, as is the exchanging of gifts (bribes), the yule log, and even the gingerbread man – all have roots in paganism – embraced by the “holy” Roman Church to ensure that pagan converts felt comfortable in their new religion.


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