Superstition Sawblade

Superstition Sawblade My latest Superstition Sawblade clock (the #1 has been straightened).  It can be yours for $45 (plus shipping).

I am getting frustrated as hell on the current painting on my easel – it will eventually work itself out, but I have to walk away from it for a while and concentrate on other projects.

With today’s miniscule paycheck, I bought two clock works.  The first one I used on one of my sawblades, the finished product here.

The second will be used on a new Desert Detritus clock. I have a collection of cholla cactus skeletons which I intend to marry to some old rusted metal scavenged from the desert. I have a rough idea in mind for a mantel clock. All of my others have been wall clocks.


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