Oh Noooooo!Help me make $25.00 – at no cost to you!

I participate in several survey sites that pay $$$. There are a lot of survey sites out there, and most are of dubious reputation.

I only participate in surveys that have an option of a cash payout. I presently make $20 a month from two survey sites, and have recently added to the other two. Signing up is easy, and free – and I get $25 if you sign up using this link!

To sign up, you have to complete a profile, for which they pay cash. So far I have not received any surveys, per say, but have gotten emails for more personal profile info (which is confidential and not shared with any other party – this survey was highly rated by for which you get more money added to your account.  So far the account balance is a few bucks for not to many minutes of my time – I guess I will find out how easy it is to qualify for the surveys and how well they pay for the amount of time the surveys take.

MySurvey and I-Say Survey pay out okay, but it could be better. And MySurvey too often gives you surveys that ask twenty questions and then inform you that you have not qualified, with nothing in exchange for your time OR the info that you provided. I still have made as much as $30 in a month from them, so I am not complaining too much.

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