Liz and I went to our favorite shooting hole in the mountains today. A half hour from our house.

We like this spot because it is in the Superstition wilderness, but not too far from civilization. We can set up a target and shoot in peace.

We have local ranges that we could join and use for practice, but the mountains are free. And, I like to empty a few magazines as quickly as I can, and most ranges do not allow rapid fire. I understand their reason, it is for safety of others. I have been shooting since I was seven years old, so gun safety is always paramount. I like to double tap, and to quickly empty the magazine to see where the shots land.

Apache Jii celebration

Liz was having issues with her Glock – quite a few stovepipe jams. She bought a couple boxes of new 9mm ammo, and I suspect that her gun might not like her new ammo. I told her to load the magazines with the Federal that she had been using. I put a hundred rounds of .45 caliber reloads through my Springfield XDs without issue.


Last month we have been pretty busy. We attended the Apache Jii Festival in Globe. “Jii” is “day” in Apache. An Apache girl did a public war dance. The last time I saw this girl, and I should use the word “woman” for she is a proud Apache woman. We were invited in the spring to attend her coming of age ceremony.

The following week we attended the Powwow of all tribes in Mesa. I have few photographs of the powwow, because it is an Indian celebration.  Many of the dances are sacred, and the tribes request that no photographs be taken. The powwow is an annual get-together of many tribes as a show of unity.

But life is not all fun and shooting. I was finally able to find time to finish our bathroom. Due to plumbing issues, we had to have the wall and plumbing replaced. We got new tile on the wall, and a new shower door. The old sink was showing its age. We bought a new vanity and sink, and I installed that one weekend. One more item checked off the “honey-do” list.

This week also had some low points. We had to put Thor to sleep. He was about to turn thirteen. Thor was my buddy.

His hips were giving out, and he refused to show pain. In the last year he aged considerably. We have the best vet, in my opinion, in the area. He let us know at the last visit that it was getting close to time. The staff was the best, they gave us plenty of time, as much as we needed, to be with him on that final day.

It is almost Thanksgiving. I sit here on my patio wondering where in the hell the year went. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year. It used to be that a year lasted an entire year. My dad told me this would happen, and as always, he was correct. I am another year older, but I don’t feel old. Oh, my joints creak and inform me that I am old every minute of the day. That shit slows me down, and I hate it. But I don’t feel old.

And so it goes. I am sure Thor didn’t feel old. When I go, I want to go like Thor, peacefully in my sleep.

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