Taps - the Royal Tavern in South PhillyTaps – 24″ x 36″, oil on canvas, $800

Yes, this is a specific bar in a specific tavern in a specific city.┬áBut that shouldn’t matter, because I have sat at this same bar in Portland Maine. I had more than a few drinks at this bar in Paducah, Kentucky. I got wasted at this bar on Toronto, Canada one afternoon.

You know of what I speak. This bar is a classic – I have sat at one in Florida, in New Orleans, and I am certain that there is one near you! It is the classic bar – rich dark mahogany with a lacquered counter top that has seen many spilled drinks and careless burns from dropped cigarettes.

This particular bar is in the royal Tavern, on Passyunk Ave., in South Philly. Located quite a few blocks south of South Street, it has all the flavor of a South Philly tavern. On a given afternoon it is packed with hipsters sipping their PBR in a can. They make a mean vegan chili – and I am neither hipster nor vegan, but you never feel out of place, if you can find an empty bar stool. Any time I have even wandered in, seating was at a minimal. And that, my friend, is the sign of a happening neighborhood bar.

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