Tee Shirts

tee shirtNo. I didn’t design this. But I did do most of the printing.

After a two-month hiatus, I began a new job two weeks ago.  A real day job. After two and a half years working hoot owl, I had to force a change. I worked at a big box retailer. I am not going to talk shit about them, because they were there when I needed them. The paycheck paid the bills. ALL of my bills.  The child support situation and ugly divorce that haunted me is now closed. Settled. I no longer have to be subject to dehumanizing hours.

My new employer is a family owned graphic design and fabrication company in Mesa, AZ. There is not really any latitude to move up, but then that doesn’t concern me. The company has about twenty employees.

I work in three departments – Silk Screen, Metal Fabrication, and Printing. The printers are colossus machines that print on media up to 8-feet wide. The media is paper, fabric, wood, and any of a dozen other substrates.

On my second day they set me loose on the forklift, after seeing I understood the safety principles in operation. There is never an idle moment – which I love.  there is nothing worse than working at a job where you are counting the minutes. Every day blows by. There are no slackers – and most of the employees have been there for a decade.

The owners expect everyone to work, but there are no repercussions if we take a few moments to chat. When I was in training on the silk screen machine, the owner chastised my supervisor for working.  He told him, “I am paying you to do nothing!”

Work is not work when you are enjoying it. I had that at my last job, once in a while. But it is a bit different when the boss is pushing a chair to you and ordering you to sit while working to take the stress off of your knees, and taking the time to discuss the intimate details of the job you are working on. On the few days I had to work overtime, the owner shook my hand and thanked me. He offered to buy me dinner.

It s nice to be appreciated.

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